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List of clothing for men, ladies and babies vocabulary.

Men's clothes
  1. Suit / suits: Suits can be worn by men a women suit are different to a mans suit.
  2. Waistcoat / waistcoats: Are worn with a suit although women tend not to wear them.
  3. Long-sleeved shirt / long-sleeved: Shirts Shirts are worn with suits, but also can be worn with trousers or jeans.
  4. Short-sleeved shirt / short-sleeved shirts:
  5. Tie / ties: Ties are worn with shirts and also when wearing a suit.

Women's clothes

  1. dress / dresses: A garment for women and girls, that consists of bodice and skirt in one piece.
  2. Blouse / blouses: Worn with a women's suit or with a skirt.
  3. Skirt / skirts: Skirts are only from the waist down and can vary in length.
  4. Tank-top / tank-tops: A item of clothing that as no arms and has shoulder straps.

Uni-Sex (clothes that can be worn by a man or women)

  1. Coat / coats: Coats normally are waist length, but can be as long as ankle length, and are used to protect us from the weather.
  2. Jacket / jackets: most jackets are waist length and open down the front.
  3. T-shirt / t-shirts: a light garment where the short sleeves, t-shirts get there names as when laid flat look like the letter t.
  4. Polo shirt / polo shirts: a short-sleeved, pullover sport shirt, normally of cotton, with a round neckband or a turnover collar.
  5. Trouser / trousers: Worn with a shirt or as part of a suit, however they can be worn with a t-shirt as well.
  6. Jean / jeans: Normally are a blue colour , but can be most colours and Levis are a popular brand.
  7. Short / shorts: Can be knee length or shorter depending on the style.
  8. Jumper / jumpers or pullover / pullovers: A garment that is pulled over your head so it can be worn.
  9. Cardigan / cardigans: Normally a collarless knitted sweater or jacket that opens down the front.
  10. sweatshirt / sweatshirts: A garment that is pulled over your head so it can be worn.

Baby clothes

  1. Nappy / nappies: Used on babies till they are toilet trained.
  2. Baby grows: Covers the whole body and is fastened on the back.
  3. Dummy / dummies: To help sooth babies.

HoIiday and leisure clothes

  1. swimming trunk / swimming trunks: Can be a pair of shorts or skin tight pair of briefs.
  2. bikini / bikinis: A 2 piece costume ladies wear on the beach or swimming.
  3. swimsuit / swimsuits / or swimmimg costume / swimmimg costumes: A 1 piece item that covers the body from the neck to the waist.

Underwear men

  1. boxers
  2. briefs
  3. y-fronts
  4. vest / vests

Ladies underwear

  1. bra / bras
  2. knicker / knickers or brief / briefs:
  3. tights
  4. stockings or suspenders:
  5. vest / vests:


  1. Shoe / shoes (unisex): can be worn for many things such as, going to work, shopping and walking.
  2. High heels (ladies shoes): A ladies shoe that as a heel that can be between 1 inch and 10 inch.
  3. boot / boots: Boots are normally ankle high, although ladies boots sometime can be knee high.
  4. wellington / wellingtons: normally about knee height and used to stop your feet wet.
  5. Slipper / slippers: Only worn in side the house to help keep your feet warm.
  6. Sock / socks (unisex): A garment worn on the foot before putting your shoes or trainers on.
  7. Trainer / trainers: Can be used for most sports and also worn as a fashion statement.
  8. Flip flops: Are a thong sandal and the name was given due to the noise when people walk in them.
  9. Plimsolls: Normally worn when going to the gym.


  1. Baseball cap / baseball caps: Worn by many young people as a fashion statement, it can be worn to shield the sun from your eyes.
  2. Sun hat / sun hats: Used to protect your head and shoulders from the sun.
  3. Bowler hat / bowler hats: An old English hat from the 1800's and still worn sometimes by the upper class.
  4. Knitted hat / knitted hats or woolen hat(s) or bobble hat(s): Worn when the weather is very cold.

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